Monday, November 25, 2013

The New SEO

The New SEO System is Here

Sites-n-Syllables Has devised a new system for SEO that has proven effective at not only ranking your new website but is incredibly powerful at bringing back sites that have been penalized by Google.

Grafton, ND, November 19, 2013 --( Amazing SISTER SEO Enables Company to Rank Sites in Hours

Getting your website to appear on the front page of search results has been a tough task in the past. This is especially true if your company is in a highly competitive niche, such as a roofing contractor or lawyer. The generally accepted technique in the past was to hire a writer, or team of writers, to generate content for your site’s blog that is SEO enriched.

SEO enrichment is simply using keywords at set percentage rates in order to make search engines pick your page up and place your site at the top of search results. This method is effective, but also very time consuming. Using heavily enriched content to crawl to the top of the search results can take weeks, and in some cases months, to achieve satisfactory results.

That Was Then
While SEO enrichment is effective, your company doesn’t have six months to wait before clients begin to find you. That’s why Sites-n-Syllables created the SISTER SEO Method. SISTER is a whole new approach to SEO that no one has ever taken before. Up until now, SEO gurus used website content, keywords, back link campaigns, ad words, ad sense, and pay per click to help their clients achieve top ranking. However, Sites-n-Syllables’ revolutionary new SISTER system can allow you to achieve front page rank within mere hours of your site being completed and submitted to search engines, and without back link campaigns.

How It Works
Google, Bing, and Yahoo all use algorithms to determine which sites should rank high in their search results. These algorithms are enacted when the search engine crawls your website and retrieves information from the pages. The search spiders look for words that appear often on your page, and the page is also checked to ensure that keywords that appear more than once are actually relevant to the surrounding content.

By writing articles that are keyword enriched, SEO companies have helped clients achieve front page rank in the search engines. But, Sites-n-Syllables takes a completely different approach to the issue of ranking well.

Once SISTER SEO is put into action on a page, the content and keywords are carefully matched to ensure the percentages are absolutely perfect for search algorithms. All unnecessary fluff and filler is removed from the page, and all links, images, and graphics are carefully selected to ensure they follow the main theme of the site.

Once the site is perfect and matches what Yahoo, Bing, and other major search engines, especially Google, have set as guidelines for properly designed sites, it is submitted to search. Sites-n-Syllables method is the quickest, easiest, and most inexpensive way to not only to rank your new website-but it is also the best way to bring back a site that was knocked out of the running due to Google penalties and black hat practices that may have gotten you put in the sandbox.

How Is Front Page Rank Achieved So Quickly?
Because Sites-n-Syllables builds each of its client sites to the same specifications used to construct the company’s own site, customers know they are receiving world class work. When a site is submitted to the search engines it is in perfect condition to be crawled by the search spiders and because it is constructed in such a way as to attract them, it is quickly cached and placed in search results.

Many sites are ranked within minutes of submission, but at times the wait for ranking can take several hours. This is quite a contrast to the 12 to 16 weeks the search engines themselves tell you it could take to be found. This, of course, depends on web traffic, and how many submissions the search engines are currently taking care of. However, front page rank is highly probable when your page is built exactly to the specifications laid out by the search engines themselves.

Other Products
Sites-n-Syllables offers a full range of products and services, including content creation, graphic, web, and logo design, video bumpers, and a full service printing division. Getting your business branded has never been so easy with logo designers, web designers, and writers, all in one place.

Pre Ranked Sites
Aside from the products and services listed above, Sites-n-Syllables also offers Pre-Ranked Pages. These pages are powerful web pages that are designed to drive traffic directly to you. With the ability to pay after the site is already listed in search results, clients find much more peace of mind in knowing they have purchased a great product.

Free Demonstration
By contacting, you have the opportunity to make an appointment for a 1-on-1 real time demonstration of SISTER’s superiority. You will learn in an easy to understand format, the hows and whys of SISTER’s success, and why this system just plain works.
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